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From Bear to Bare



My name is Tonie.  I'm a certified waxing specialist.  I've been providing comfortable and quality waxing services since 2009.  I pay close attention to cleanliness and client's safety.  I always make sure that all of my clients are well taken care of and satisfied with all of my services.  To me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with folks who have a lot of body hair.  You probably look good with it.  But if you prefer a smoother appearance, you will agree that going from looking good to looking your best is what most of us want.   You may have less or no hair on some certain parts of your body and keep some good amount and/or length of it on the other parts that you're proud of.

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However, when you want to feel and see less or no hair on certain areas of your body, whether it's for a specific reason or for a special occasion, let me do what I'm good at and make it look nicer or remove it for you.  I'm experienced, confident, and considerate.  You can trust me and come try it out.  I can assure you that having less or no hair on the body often times can be a SUPER COOL thing.  Come try it out for yourself.  I'll treat you with full respect and provide you with quality services.  Providing you with great services is very important to me.

By now, you're probably having thoughts of trying something new and COOL for a change and wanting to have hair somewhere on your body trimmed or removed.  I suppose there may be questions that you want answered before you make a reasonable decision.  For full description of each waxing service to help you make your decision , please click here.  You're more than welcome to email me and let me know what you have in mind or ask me any questions about waxing.  I'm more than happy to assist you.

Lastly, thank you for understanding that you come to me for waxing and/or facial services only. Sexual stuff? There will be a legal action as a result. Let's respect each other.

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Loyalty Program

When you complete your 5th paid service, you’ll receive 25% off your 6th visit.

After you complete your 25% off card and service, you’ll receive a new card.  When you complete your 5th paid service on this new card, you’ll receive 30% on your 6th visit.

After you complete each Loyalty Card, you’ll receive an additional 5% off your 6th visit up to a 50% discount.